Record, update, track, solve and report on issues,
incidents and risks at any major event.

Issues Management

Link issues to event Infrastructure or report an issue from a users location, add further details and photos while defining the overall impact and urgency. Notifications sent to alert a particular event team or group, giving the the ability to report back on their status and progress.

Incident Management

The global event landscape has changed, the likelihood of serious incidents or alike are so much higher. Record and co-ordinate emergencies and significant incidents as they happen, run simultaneous logs - cover areas of Emergency Management, Traffic and Transport, Security, Health and Saftey and more.

Track Real Time

Know where all your people are on site and utliise this feature as part of the overall event situational awareness. Make better decisions in real time by knowing who is onsite and where, and when they are responding to issues. In the case of a major site emergency staff can be accounted for instantly.

A system full of features

  • Fully Spatially Integrated
  • E4M API - Direct Integration
  • IoT compatible
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Large Screen Displays

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